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Frequently asked questions about our services

What services does Sonetsuite offer?

Sonetsuite offers you a global platform that allows you to increase the visibility of your company and your offerings (job / training / training ...), social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viadeo and Google+.
< Br> A solution that centralizes all the needs of your company in digital communication and recruitment. Unlimited creation of offers, targeted and specific news suggestion, publications on social networks, relay of audience thanks to your collaborators, collaborative suggestion of articles, analyzes and detailed reports of your publications and your audiences (on your networks Your publications as well as your ambassadors).

I do not need recruitment, what interest for me?

The benefit for you is to increase your visibility, your business, your reputation, which will increase your attractiveness on networks to generate new leads. Besides, it often happens that you need a trainee or an occasional reinforcement during the year, the recruiting services will then be useful and will benefit from your visibility.

I do not have a profile on all the social networks, nor company page, how to do?

We can structure and optimize the creation of your profiles and company pages for you, or with you, so that you are accessible on all these huge hubs. Our experience of more than 10 years in this sector allows us to be aware of the best practices to optimize your presence.

I do not have enough content, I do not know what to publish, do you have any solutions?

You have a specific targeted curation service that allows you to benefit from original articles on a daily basis. In direct connection with your activity they will value your business expertise to attract your targets and attract more audience. We also provide you with advice on the organization and planning of your publications.

I am interested in this, but I do not have time to devote to this process or the desire to recruit a person for it; What do you suggest ?

Our packages include, if necessary, the complete outsourcing of your publications, in accordance with your specific themes specific to your activity.

Why subscribe to a service at home when I already have an in-house person who manages my attendance?

In fact, Sonetsuite will bring many benefits: a single tool to do everything in less time, with a much higher number of publications and a recurrence, and an analysis of the audiences and clicks generated by broadcast channel much finer.

He will thus have much more time to devote to your editorial content and data analysis to increase your targeted ROI per broadcast channel.

I do not have any ambassadors yet, do I have to wait before subscribing?

More precisely you have not yet identified them but they are more than you imagine ... In two years the number of messages on his company relayed by employees increased by 600% !! (Source: LinkedIn 2016). They just do not warn you when they do; Your interest is thus to facilitate their steps through a tool that will simplify their sharing by saving them time.

Are my employees obliged to participate?

We advise you initially to work on a pilot group of volunteers; Those who are already active, motivated or mature about these uses and who will be most enthusiastic to federate others over time. In a way, your best ... ambassadors internally. They will bring you a greater 8x commitment (Source SocialMediaToday) and it will increase the visibility inherent in your specialized publications.

What content can my employees reshare?

All those you think relevant to suggest; Articles, links url, photos, videos, job offers or training, text messages. In turn, your ambassadors will be able to suggest you articles, photos ... to share on company profiles and pages.

Can I get training before I start?

We offer training for your employees, to inform them about the impact of social networks today, the role they can play as an ambassador for your company, and how they can build and inform their different Social profiles. If you are not comfortable with communication on social networks, we also offer training to better understand digital communication and the analysis of audiences. You also get a video on each space detailing how the service works.

I am an entrepreneur and I start, I have weak means, do you have a solution for me?

It's planned, you can contact us on business@sonetsuite.com to find out more.

Presented packages don't suit me, what to do?

Contact us at business@sonetsuite.com to discuss and find a format that suits your needs.

Are my accounts and communications on social networks secure?

All communications are secure and you are the only one to publish on your social networks. You can also temporarily disable permissions given to SonetSuite from the social network.