4 HR tools in a single cloud SaaS Suite

A unified cloud platform to boost your employer branding and recruitments
HR Communication & Marketing, Coorporate communication, Content curation, Employee Advocacy, Cooptation, Career website, Global analytics & flow analyze, SEO & Employer Branding audit, Advocacy training program ...

Frequently asked questions about our services

What services does Sonetsuite offer?

I do not need recruitment, what interest for me?

I do not have a profile on all the social networks, nor company page, how to do?

I do not have enough content, I do not know what to publish, do you have any solutions?

I am interested in this, but I do not have time to devote to this process or the desire to recruit a person for it; What do you suggest ?

Why subscribe to a service at home when I already have an in-house person who manages my attendance?

I do not have any ambassadors yet, do I have to wait before subscribing?

Are my employees obliged to participate?

What content can my employees reshare?

Can I get training before I start?

I am an entrepreneur and I start, I have weak means, do you have a solution for me?

Presented packages don't suit me, what to do?

Are my accounts and communications on social networks secure?