4 HR tools in a single cloud SaaS Suite

SonetSuite services can increase your employer branding and your job offers visibility, in less than 30 minutes per week

SonetSuite is the first HR global solution that gather services for HR communication and digital recruitment. We provide solutions for HR marketing for your employer branding, your employees and ambassadors and for help you better recruit and faster.

Publish on all your networks with simplicity

Boost your communication efficiency and with gain of time. Publish from a single form and with one click on all your social networks. Prepare and schedule your messages in advance to push them at the right time.


Increase your visibility easily

Integrate your employees into your digital approach. Organize and animate your communities of ambassadors in order to offer them the possibility to share your messages with their contacts. Organize your challanges and highlight the most active ones.

Stay in touch with news

Define your specific criteria and we will bring you all the targeted news ready to share on your networks and with your ambassadors. Increase your information sources by enabling your employees and ambassadors to participate.


Federate your employees and ambassadors

Provide all your ambassadors with a dedicated mobile app so that they can easily follow and share your publications and requests for similar or reparations. They can easily visualize their impact on social networks.

Recruit more effectively

Give your job, training or training opportunities the power of your digital attractiveness. Create your job offers without limit and share them on your social networks and with your co-op ambassadors.

job offer

Analyze your ROI and your audiences

Keep track of your audiences and their engagement at a glance with a simple and intuitive interface and reporting. Prepare your daily reports effortlessly. Identify the best sources of visits to your career sites, career sites and job offers.

Learn more about our training sessions for your employer branding

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  • Increase your company's visibility on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter ...
  • Optimize your company and employees presence on social medias
  • Train and optimize your teams communication
  • Engage your teams on a Employee Advocacy program

Ours certifications

Our consultants and partners have certifications in order to build your HR global strategy.
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A unified cloud platform to boost your employer branding and recruitments
HR Communication & Marketing, Coorporate communication, Content curation, Employee Advocacy, Cooptation, Career website, Global analytics & flow analyze, SEO & Employer Branding audit, Advocacy training program ...

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